Gianni Infantino Positive on Russia Football Team for World Cup

Gianni Infantino has a positive take on the developments in Russia regarding the World Cup.

According to Infantino, everyone in Russia, from the public to the government to the association, is contributing to the preparations and with the cooperation of all; the tournament will be hosted as well as it has been hosted in the past.

Infantino has also assured the incoming spectators from different regions of the world that they will be provided high class hospitality in Russia as the living population in the country is very friendly and has an extremely welcoming nature.

There was not a lot of transparency in the process through which Russia was given the hosting rights and it was hoped that the new chairman coming in would go into that and come up with some explanations.

But, Infantino reckons he should work focussing on the facts rather than anything else and the fact is that Russia has been finalized as the host country. So, his duty, as the chairman of FIFA, is to supervise the developments and ensure a smooth organisation as far as the mega event is concerned.

The recent schedule of Infantino has not been the easiest. There has been constant touring around for him, from one continent to another. Soon a tour of Qatar is lined up as well where he would be looking to grasp complete idea of how the gulf country is progressing towards hosting World Cup 2022.

Any dissatisfaction on Infantino’s part on that tour might lead to the cancellation of Qatar’s hosting rights.

Infantino, since being chosen, has looked fully passionate about the job. He says all he wants to do is to make FIFA gain its credibility as an organisation again which it has lost after the corruption accusations lately.

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