Returned Back From World Cup, Houston Hondurans Had To Go Through Knocking Hard Time

Honduras was defeated by Australia by 3-1 on 15th November, which led them to fly back to Houston. That 19 hrs flight must have been the most painful and longest of all time. After this unexpected defeat, the only thing that can divert their mind was the final series in the MLS conference with Seattle Sounders as their opponent team. But it seems as if their time wasn’t good, as Dynamo got knocked (2-0) by the Seattle Sounders in Houston on 24th November. Elis has been suspended for the first leg couldn’t play with the team and was replaced by Monterrey Loanee to defend Seattle Sounders.

Following the match, there were comments from Cabrera that he wanted Alberth to play free and he refrained from challenging him. He further said that this was because of what they wanted. He mentioned that they wanted to isolate him. So, he had taken the decision to bring Alberth more to the free position in the center backs but the issue arose because they were slow. He slightly changed the positioning in the second half and tried out some more options the opposition was yelling because of these people were tougher with the possession of the ball.

Everybody was in shock to find Quioto’s name on substitutes’ list finalized by Cabrera himself. Known for his speed it was hard for everyone to believe. Quioto didn’t get to play till 75 mins of the game, he got to play for last 15 mins of the game against Aussies, and he gave his best.

Though Houston Hondurans lost the game but taught every football player in this world that is it any situation one should never quit, one should never give up. One must try his level best.

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