Jess Fishlock Wishes To Reach World Cup

The players of Wales celebrated the moment the final whistle was blown in April.  England headed to Rodney Parade of England for the return with a hope that they would win the World Cup in the next summer. The Welsh delirium in St Mary’s was so bright that part of the England began to question it as to how can anyone celebrate a draw. As per Jess Fishlock, it was massive as it did define the campaign. Each game played for a team like them who is mostly seeded 3rd in the group cannot be messed up. Qualifying for the world cup is indeed a tough task to perform in Europe. Travelling to England after securing 3rd place in the World Cup and then planning, accommodations and then achieving a point does mean something.  Well, they celebrated as it was not only about the point, but there was much more to it.

The Wales team had a perfect balance of youth and experience. Fishlock said that they were in the best spot as a team and nothing would have changed even if the football was taken away. Soon as the announcement was made that Rodney Parade would be the venue, tickets were sold out pretty fast. Around 8000 tickets were sold within a span of 24 hours. The ones who won nothing were disappointed, but the decision was right as per Fishlock.

Fishlock who has been playing for the Wales national football team of women since 2006 did all she could to make it to victory. People were expecting more out of them, but Wales did try its best. Considering the fact that 8000 tickets were sold in no time does speak volumes that the team did its best. Fishlock knows that people would not understand this, but he has no regrets. However, she really hopes to win the World Cup in the next summer.

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